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Not everyone qualifies to enroll in this advanced-level training for creating better relationship outcomes with their ex (or anyone else they might be interested in). 

Most people probably aren’t a good fit for this course, because, frankly, most people aren’t ready to take responsibility for the results they are getting in their love life. 

If you’d rather play idiotic text message games, use reverse psychology, “play hard to get,” obsess over every word you say or don’t say, analyze everything your ex does or doesn’t do, and otherwise walk on eggshells, then this online course is NOT for you, and you should close out of this page right now. 

For the few smart people remaining out there reading this who recognize that the first thing required to have a great relationship with anyone is to make sure that you are bringing the best of yourself to the table…

…This Is Going to Help You Blast Away Barriers, Overcome Self-Sabotage, and Finally Allow You to Be 100% Compatible with the Type of Person or Relationship You Want 

Let me explain… 

Since 2009, I’ve been helping people save their relationships and get back together with their partner AFTER that person has already walked out the door and called it quits. 

It’s not an easy thing to do (and I certainly have a lot of interesting stories after seeing just about every imaginable relationship situation out there!). 

However, when it comes to saving your relationship and getting your ex back, there is really ONE common denominator that separates the successful people from those who struggle in frustration, making no progress (sometimes for years). 

You might think that this common denominator has something to do with whether or not their ex will still talk to them, if their ex is in a rebound relationship, if their ex is open to working things out, etc. 

But this common denominator of success actually has nothing at all to do with their ex. 

In fact it has much more to do with them than anything else. 

I’ve seen it time and time again.

People Caught in Seemingly Hopeless Situations — Situations That Other So-Called “Experts” Out There Have Said Were Impossible — Are Getting Back Together Because of ONE Simple Shift

It’s not because of a magic text message. 

It’s not because of some secret script of hypnotic words. 

It’s not because of elaborate psychological attraction triggers. 

No, it’s simply because these people were able to do one thing that the countless other people around them who toiled and struggled were either unable or unwilling to do. 

So what is the secret common denominator of success? 

This is what it is… 

The successful people I’ve helped get their ex back over the years, are people who were first able to get out of their own way and stop sabotaging themselves with limiting beliefs, negative thinking, and feelings of anxiety, scarcity, and insecurity. 

This whole stream of negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings is what I call the “BS Machine.”

The Reason Why People Continue to Struggle with Their Ex

The problem with all of this negative thinking is that it causes you to do several things that quietly steer smart people, like you, toward failure and disaster over and over again.

Things like: 


  • “Worst case scenario” thinking 
  • Putting your ex up on a pedestal 
  • Giving up too early 
  • Selling yourself short 
  • Overanalyzing everything your ex does or doesn’t do 
  • Being in “Damage Control Mode” 
  • Negative thinking bias (filling in the blanks with the worst possible meaning or intention)
  • Looking to your ex for validation or approva


And I’m sure you realize that this kind of negative thinking, although it may seem harmless since it’s contained within the privacy of your own mind, can actually cause you to completely blow your chances with your ex. 


Because our thoughts and feelings together control the actions that we take or don’t take. 

After all, if you were stuck in worst case scenario thinking, and you believed that your ex hated you and had gone on to live a fairy tale-perfect life in their rebound relationship, then you would be likely to give up on trying to get your ex back (when in reality, your ex might be on the verge of giving you another shot after realizing that the grass isn’t always greener…). 

Or if you believed that your ex was intentionally giving you the cold shoulder or disrespecting you (rather than struggling with their own emotional issues from the breakup), you might lash out at your ex. This would push them away further and make them even less likely to want to talk to you, even though they may desperately want to reconnect and work things out. 

Or if you put your ex up on a pedestal, you might overthink every thing that you do or say around them, worried that you might “mess up.” It’s a strange twist that trying to not screw up actually makes you more likely to have awkward and forced interactions that leave your ex wanting to distance themselves from you. 

Are you starting to see how all of this ties in to getting your ex back?


Here’s How to Turn Off the BS Machine So You Can Make the Process of Getting Back Together with Your Ex Immeasurably Easier


So what are you supposed to do?


How can you keep yourself from unknowingly sabotaging your own best efforts to get your ex back?


It shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point that the most successful people who are serious about getting their ex back make it their FIRST priority to completely shut down the BS Machine in their head.


Once the BS Machine is shut down, you no longer get in your own way and you can start making rapid and staggering progress with your ex.


It is no surprise to me that, time and time again, I’ve seen people suddenly make huge shifts once they shut down the BS Machine — shifts such as reconnecting with their ex, showing their ex that they’re not the person they thought they were when they broke up with them, proving to their ex that they’re better than any other person out there, and even making that pivotal shift that leads to getting back together and enjoying a lifetime of shared memories and experiences together.


Here’s an example to help you wrap your mind around all of this.


How Stephen Got His Ex Back

(When the Deck was Stacked Against Him)


When Stephen first came to work with me, he was in a tough place, to say the least.


His girlfriend has broken up with him because of some insecure jealous comment he posted on her Facebook wall (If you’re paying attention, you should recognize that this was Stephen’s BS Machine at work here causing him to feel insecure and jealous).


To make matters worse, he could barely get through to her.


  • She literally lived on the other side of the world
  • She was in a rebound relationship
  • She swore up and down that it was over between the two of them
  • There was a huge culture and language difference between the two of them (causing miscommunication between them)
  • There was also a 19-year age difference
  • Stephen was also nearing his 60th birthday, and concerned that he was getting “too old” to find love


Any one of these circumstances would be enough to convince most other people to give up and call it quits.


However, Stephen knew what he wanted, and with my help, he kept on track.


There were times when his BS Machine would start to whisper little thoughts into his mind.


Negative thoughts like:


  • “This is too much work.”
  • “I’m too old for this.”
  • “This will never work.”
  • “She doesn’t really like me anymore.”
  • “Her new boyfriend is better than me.”
  • “I don’t want to look like a fool.”


And on and on and on…


Truth be told, if these thoughts and beliefs were left unchecked, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stephen called it quits.


But with my help, Stephen was able to put these beliefs and thoughts aside. Using techniques and strategies that I would like to share with you, he was able to quiet his own BS Machine so that he could get back together with his ex.


I remember the day very well when I got on the phone with Stephen one summer afternoon.


He was over the moon!


Stephen and his ex had gotten back together!


The road wasn’t smooth and there were ups and downs along the way. And Stephen definitely doubted himself many times along the way. However, because Stephen was able to get his BS Machine under control, he kept his negative thinking from undermining his efforts.


About a year after Stephen and his ex got back together, I got an update from him.


His former-ex and him had gotten married and they moved in together!


It’s always rewarding to get updates like this from clients. It really makes what I do for a living worthwhile. But what really makes me stop and think is when I wonder what sort of fate Stephen may have had if he continued to let his BS Machine run the show…?


…Would he get to wake up in the morning with the love of his life?


…Would he get to call her his wife?


…Would he be the happy and fulfilled man that I know today?


I can’t answer these questions. I can only guess. But I imagine that if he didn’t get his BS Machine under control, his life would look much different than it does today


The Truth We Need to Accept About Getting Back Together


Moment by moment, we are all writing our individual love stories. We hold the pen in our hand. Every choice we make or don’t make (since indecision is just as much of a choice) is either taking us closer or further from what we really want.


And, of course, the quality of our own thinking is either going to inspire us to make good choices that move us closer…


…Or discourage us and make us give up, sabotage ourselves, or make poor choices.


My question to you is this: 

Are your thoughts moving you in the right direction or the wrong direction?


The easy way to tell is to look at the results you’re getting with your ex.


Are things getting better with your ex or are the getting worse?


If things are getting worse, then you have your answer right there.


What If Getting Your Ex Back was as Simple as Thinking a Few Different Thoughts?


Would you like to gain mastery over your BS Machine, the way that Stephen did?


What if, just like Stephen, the difference between having the relationship you want and being alone was as simple as changing your own thinking?


Although I wish I could help everyone who comes to me looking for help, my coaching rates are expensive.


…They run into the 4-figures, and are subject to my own schedule and availability (there are only 24 hours in a day, after all!).


That’s why I wanted to create an advanced-level training course to help people gain control of the BS Machine in their head so that they can get back on track toward getting the relationship that they want in life.


After working with a small initial group of students last autumn, I put together a training course called the Compatibility Code.


This advanced level training course helps you master your mind so that you can start getting the dating and relationship outcomes you want.


It’s perfect for smart people who recognize that their thoughts and beliefs are the core foundation to having a great dating life or relationship.


Inside this course, you won’t find ninja text message templates or petty mind games.


But you will find:

  • How to align your life so that you automatically attract the relationship or dating lifestyle you want
  • The key to pulling the plug and shutting down your inner BS Machine
  • How to keep yourself from jumping to conclusions about your ex’s intentions and giving up way too early (This is the #1 reason why most people never get their ex back)
  • How to never feel paralyzed by anxiety around your ex
  • Banish “scarcity thinking” so that you stop making the same mistakes over and over again
  • Become more compatible with your ex so that the two of you will be much more likely to get back together
  • How to stop your own thinking from tripping you up and keeping you and your ex apart
  • How to change your emotional state so that you don’t have to feel panicked, anxious, or fearful around your ex again
  • Take your foot off the brake so that you can accelerate the results you’re getting with your ex by getting your emotional state under control
  • Worried about being rejected by your ex? I’ll show you how to remove the sting of rejection once and for all
  • How to take the power away from your ex and their opinion of you
  • How to stop settling for situations and circumstances that just don’t serve you
  • How to stop humiliating yourself by chasing after your ex all the time
  • When you put your ex up on a pedestal, they have no choice but to look down on you — I’ll show you how to take them down
  • How to quit begging your ex for scraps of attention when you deserve the whole feast
  • How to avoid the pain of an “echo breakup” after you get back together with your ex
  • A technique I learned from a Buddhist monk to completely quiet the BS Machine and let go of the pain from the past
  • A simple list you can make in 5 minutes that will tell you exactly what your ex wants from you before they will ever want to get back together with you
  • How to protect a relationship from a breakup so that the two of you can move forward together over the long-haul



My No Questions, No Risk Guarantee

I was raised to do business the right way. That means that if you enroll in this course and aren’t satisfied with it for any reason, I don’t deserve your money.

That’s why I’m giving you 60 days to go through the lessons, apply the techniques and exercises, and see how it influences your thinking and the results you’re getting in your dating or relationship life.

If you’re not happy, let me or my staff know within 60 days and we’ll give you back every cent of your money.

Although, I’d find it very strange if you don’t find this information incredibly valuable, I want to give you complete peace of mind and take on all the risk myself.

So if you’re ready to change the way that you think so that you can start getting the results you want with your ex or anyone else out there…

…Then go ahead and enroll with the Compatibility Code today.